Letter from Scott Meichtry

I'm writing to share some exciting news. ProService Hawaii has just acquired HiHR, combining our teams and resources to better help companies in Hawaii succeed, grow, and employ people in Hawaii.

This is great news for us and for our clients! ProService and HiHR together have a deeper talent base of HR experts, a wider array of services, and better negotiating power with vendors due to our enhanced scale. Together with HiHR, ProService now offers a team of 270 professionals, serving 2,000 Hawaii client businesses and their 30,000 employees, and processing more than $1 billion in payroll.

ProService's depth of expertise, and excellent service culture is a great asset for every business. They also share our values as a company dedicated to building a standout culture where employees love to work and, more importantly, love to help clients succeed and grow.

Thank you for your support of HiHR. Expect great things ahead as we combine the best of HiHR with the best of ProService to support and contribute to your continued success.

Scott Meichtry
Chairman and CEO, The Hawaii Group

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