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Let’s face it, most businesses are looking for an edge–always trying to be more efficient, attract more customers, and be more profitable. The burden of payroll, HR, benefits, and safety can be crushing to many small and mid-sized companies, overwhelming owners, and managers, even stifling growth. The good news is that there is a solution. A partnership with HiHR provides immediate relief and access to services and benefits otherwise unaffordable. Enjoy big-company resources with lower labor costs, reduced fees and higher productivity. Our flexible, customized, pay-as-you-go human resources programs are designed to be a perfect fit for each and every client, no matter your size.

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What If You Could Turn Over Your Entire Payroll, Benefit Administration & HR Duties To A Trusted Partner?

  • Offer Better Benefits

    Offer your employees big-company benefits without the big-company price tag.

  • Stay in Compliance

    Stay current on legal requirements and follow best practices in human resource management.

  • Reduce Liability

    Shield your business from the stress of unpredicted labor costs, DOL audits and workplace risks.

  • Focus On Your Core Business

    Spend more time building your business and less time worrying about employee administration.

  • Reduce & Manage Costs

    Leverage our big-group buying power, potentially reducing your employee-related costs up to 30%.

  • Rely On Experts

    Put the tools and resources of our HR, benefits, legal, payroll, risk and accounting professionals at your fingertips.

HiHR is your complete source for all of your HR, payroll, benefit and risk services. Offering a complete suite of strategic services, our Comprehensive, Comprehensive Plus, and HR Select packages—HiHR covers it all. See the solutions below and feel free to contact us with any questions!

  • Comprehensive HR

    Our all-in-one solution for your
    HR, payroll and benefit needs.
    Employers need a cost-effective
    option to manage employees and
    HiHR has the answer.

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  • HR Plus

    When you absolutely need a higher
    level of support. Our fully-
    customized and on-site solution--
    everywhere you need us & perfectly
    tailored to meet your needs.

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  • HR Select

    Satisfying specific HR needs and
    business objectives--from the
    single process, project-based
    services to the highly-customized,
    strategic and aggregate solutions.

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Strategy, foresight, analysis and compliance – where will you ever find the time? For many small business owners, the unrelenting waves of day-to-day responsibilities wash away focus and leave vital opportunities (and obligations) in the fog. Offering everything from HR, finance and operational support to staffing and recruiting, HiGroup can calm the storm. We are the premier provider for the state of Hawaii when it comes to human resources solutions!

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“Choosing HiHR is probably one the best business decisions I've ever made. They're a true partner, helping me to operate confidently and navigate a constantly changing HR environment. Not only are they operating behind the scenes managing all of our employee administration, but they're my go-to resource for all of my complicated HR questions.”

Jeanne Posner - ProPark Inc.

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